Boob job in a bottle


Do you want firmer, perkier, tighter and all-round better breasts without the stress, agony, scarring and cost of surgery?

Of course you do! So here is your answer… Clarins Bust Beauty Extra-Lift Gel. IT IS INCREDIBLE. Shouty capitals fully intended. I can’t express enough just how amazing this product is.

A mix of collagen and oat sugars magically work together to help strengthen, firm and improve the tone of the skin whilst creating an invisible ‘natural bra’. This isn’t just beauty jargon, it really does work. I applied this gel morning and night for two weeks and whilst at 24 gravity hasn’t quite taken its toll, even my more youthful breasts felt like rocks. They were firmer, defined and felt better all-round. After one use, I noticed the difference. Make sure you apply over your entire décoleté as well as the breasts themselves. For an even better tone, exfoliate the area before application.

It may be costly at £41.50 but it is worth every penny and much safer than surgery. If you are feeling bikini shy and in need of a quite literal ‘pick-me-up’ then this should be the staple piece of your travel bag!

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