Your hair is ‘fine’ by me

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My best friend hates my hair. She will deny it until the cows come home, but I know deep down she hates it and that’s okay babe (no names given) because you know I hate it too!

She is the envy of all fine, limp-haired ladies. Gloriously thick hair with a completely natural chocolatey, dark colour. It looks stunning straight and boho-beautiful in its naturally wavy form. And volume? I don’t think lack of volume has ever crossed her mind. In fairness to her, her luscious locks aren’t admin-free. She invests serious time in perfectly straightening it which she claims is an art in itself (small price to pay for a bouncy, thick ponytail in my opinion!). I can’t even take jealous comfort in the fact that her tresses must be damaged beyond belief after eight years of straightening. Her Trinidadian/Welsh mix means her hair is strong and resilient and divinely shiny. Do you hate her a little bit? Well please try not to hate on my best friend, here are a few products to add volume, thickness and care for your hair. Like my quest for perfect skin, I am on a quest for perfect, big, volumised hair!

Care for your hair

Like with the perfect base, the perfect hair begins from within. Eg. tackling the problem before disguising it. I have the advantage (and don’t think I undervalue this) of living with one of Headmaster’s style directors. I am the bane of his life. I continually ask him to style, colour, cut and shape my hair whilst simultaneously boring him to death with hair/product related questions. Whilst he may hate me, I can now share this information with all fellow fine-haired ladies. When it comes to hair condition, KH (as I said, no names) says this should ALWAYS be your number one priority. Especially, if like me you have lied about being a ‘natural blonde’ all your adolescent and now adult life. Here are some of KH’s tips for keeping the condition of your hair tip top!


Always spend money on your cut before your colour. The condition of your hair is dictated by the amount of split ends you have. KH recommends getting your hair trimmed, if not styled, every month in order to shed the split ends and allow the new hair to grow through. Whilst I argue he is just trying to make beer-money out of me, you must always trust a professional! When I’ve put this process to the test, the condition and more notably the length has been 100 times better.


KH’s second most important tip, is spend money on your shampoo and conditioner. Like the Clarin’s moisturiser, this seems extravagant because we use it up relatively quickly. However, when you have coloured your hair as much as I have, you need to realise that being blonde comes at a price which is damage. KH recommends the Kérastase range as a whole, particularly the elixir oils for ultra nourishment. I use the Kérastase Resistance Bain de Force range (prices start at £15.90 for 250ml) for chemically treated hair, which is a mix of pro-keratine and ceramides to replenish and restore my parched, bleach hair. The results are instant, unlike cheaper shampoos, the silky softness doesn’t just ‘sit’ on the hair, it nourishes all the way through for a lasting effect. Top tip – make sure you thoroughly rinse all product out of the hair (I rinse, rinse, rinse) so there is no residue and my fine hair is super clean and ready for my volumising attack! I’ve been using the Kérastase range for only three weeks, and I can proudly say, that a boy (yes an actual boy) unprompted, told me I have really soft hair. I smiled my thanks, no need to reveal my secret weapon!


If you entered my bedroom prior to a night out you would find me with my head shaking upside down to the incessant roar of the hairdryer whilst enveloped in a hazy cloud of L’Oréal Elnett and other volume, gravity-defying products. This is of course topped off with a full Girls Aloud dance routine (don’t EVEN pretend you don’t do this too) with 5 rollers in my hair. I will do whatever it takes and spend whatever it costs in order to achieve, full, bouncy, volumised hair. So here are a few tried-and-tested products that will help achieve the effect. Eat your heart out Cheryle Cole!

Bumble and Bumble Hair Thickening Spray (£20.50 for 250ml)

Winner of this year’s InStyle beauty awards, this product is truly worth every penny. Non-sticky and wondrously light, this spray instantly thickens the hair and adds volume to the roots. Hassle-free, you simply spray to the roots, tip your head upside-down and blast with a hairdryer for naturally bouncy hair that lasts all day. For extra texture spritz some Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray (£20.50 for 125ml) onto the lengths of hair and french plait before bed… et voilá, wake up to beautiful, mermaid waves . Out of the hundreds of volumising hair products I have tried, the Bumble and Bumble Hair Thickening Spray is without a doubt the best.

TIGI Bed Head Queen for a Day Thickening Spray (£11.50 for 300ml)

This product is great for a night out, slightly sticky but with a great hold. Spritz it onto the roots and massage into partially dried hair and using a large round brush blow dry the hair upwards. If you have a side parting, dry the hair on the opposite side and then flick back over for extra lift. Perfect lifted roots look great with glossy straight hair. Finish with hairspray (always L’Oréal Elnett – what else?) and you are chic, sleek and ready to go.

Andrew Barton Shiny Happy Hair I Love Volume Maxi Oomph Thermo Rollers
(£6 for 5) and I Love Volume Big Hair Lifting Hairspray (£3 for 250ml) available at all Asda Stores

Like my make-up, unless specifically recommended, I would be unlikely to buy my hair care from Asda. However when I heard professional and celebrity hairdresser Andrew Barton had created a very reasonably priced hair range for Asda I was willing to try it out.

At £3 I expected the I Love Volume Big Hair Lifting Hairpsray to do the job but not exceed expectations. How wrong could I be? This is the ultimate beauty budget buy! Unlike most cheaper hair products, this left no sticky residue, had a delightful fruity smell whilst instantly volumising my roots when blow-dried. When money is tight (pretty much all month) this is my staple beauty buy.

For ultimate volume, you have to go that extra mile and opt for rollers. Fiddly but they achieve results. Now, there really is no need to go all out and buy expensive ones, as getting it right actually comes down to technique. However you do need nice, big ones, so I opted for the Andrew Barton Shiny Happy Hair I Love Volume Maxi Oomph Thermo Rollers. Once hair has been completely dried with volumising products, starting at the crown of the head, take an even length of hair that matches the width of the roller, and slowly roll down. Use a grip to secure it and repeat with two other rollers on the top of the head and two at the sides. Using a finger to secure the roller, blast each one with the hairdryer. Then leave a good 40 minutes for them to cool down and set before taking them out (go gently and don’t pull the hair). It apparently is this process that achieves the volume. So the longer the hair has to cool the bigger the bounce. Sprinkle and massage some TGI Lust Dust (£9.80 for 1g) into the roots and your hair will stay big and beautiful all night!

See this rather embarrassing photo as an example of how to pin the rollers in…


You see, I really have tried and tested every method in order to achieve the dream of thick, volumised hair. Whilst I will always be envious of my friend’s lovely locks and hate the natural form of my own hair, my loss is my blog’s gain. I can personally research and share my findings with all Blog Ciao Bella readers, so that fine-haired ladies can go forth and be volumised!

If you would like your hair cut by Keron Haynes (he doesn’t care for my no name policy) without the salon prices (!) please contact him via facebook:

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5 thoughts on “Your hair is ‘fine’ by me

  1. Brilliant. Love the opener!

    From: blogciaobella <> Reply-To: blogciaobella <> Date: Sunday, 24 February 2013 18:01 To: Martin Annable <> Subject: [New post] Your hair is fine by me

    tessacharlotte posted: ” My best friend hates my hair. She will deny it until the cows come home, but I know deep down she hates it and thats okay babe (no names given) because you know I hate it too! She is the envy of all fine, limp-haired ladies. Gloriously thick h”

  2. I feel your pain on this one! my hair is ridiculously fine and straight and my best friends is long thick and wavy, completely not fair haha. Great recommendations, I’ve tried the Andrew Barton Volume spray and thought it was really good- love the look of the Bumble and Bumble thickening spray will definitely keep an eye out x

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