The Wow Brow


They can entirely change a face. A beautiful set frame a pair of pretty eyes, add a general neatness and complete the general look of perfection to your make-up. Neatly done, I find I can get away with less make-up as they have that wonderful ability to make you look groomed with minimum effort.

Get them wrong… and disaster strikes. A permanent expression of surprise, brows that quite frankly look like sperm wriggling off into your hair or even worse a bushy, unkempt, pair of manly eyebrows.  I imagine, we can safely say that the type of girls that have these type of brows probably won’t be reading this blog… however it does serve as a gentle reminder for us all to pluck, trim, thread and wax any wayward hairs.

Do you remember that friend of mine who we all hate with the amazing luscious locks… well see below a photo of her brows. Quite simply perfect and ANOTHER reason to hate her.

She has the ‘Wow Brow’ and is an excellent example of just how important shape is and the overall difference it can make. She has hers threaded monthly where she can tailor the shape and have every single unsightly and unwanted hair removed. From as little as £8 a month, it is an affordable method to look exquisitely groomed.


I sadly do not use this method myself because I simply don’t have enough hairs on my brows to truly benefit from the process and can’t face the trials and terror of trying to grow them back. If you haven’t over plucked to the same stage as myself yet I would highly recommend having a monthly thread to get that instant look of perfection.

If you are in the same boat as me then hopefully this blog post will greatly aid your quest for brow perfection. Along with Benefit’s Playstick, my brow pencil is my make-up bag’s staple piece. I’ve tried many variants and have finally have found the one. I turned to the Guru of the cosmetic world (MAC) and boom, with some gentle feathery strokes, a neat brush, a touch of lip balm, I have near-to-perfect brows.

So here is what I do and use. I start by tweezing any wayward, unnecessary hairs with a sharp pair of tweezers. I use the mother of all tweezers (Tweezerman salnt twezzers, £20) and gently pull in the direction of the hair so it is plucked out in one neat stroke. I always try and pluck first thing in the morning when the light shows all unsightly marks, blemishes and unwanted hairs so I can make sure I’ve got all the buggers! I never pluck at the general shape because that’s where disaster can strike. I had them shaped about 6 years ago and have generally tried to keep to that.


Once I am nicely red and plucked, I use Mac’s Veluxe Brow Liner in Brunette (£15) (despite being  blonde). It is a nice soft shade, adding subtle definition with a lovely creamy texture. I apply several light, feathery strokes, starting at the thickest part of the brow and slowly defining and filling in across the brow. In terms of getting the arch of your brow right, you should be able to line up a pencil from the other side of your nose, straight up to your brow which is roughly where the arch should peak. The brow should end at a diagonal from the outer corner of your eye, mine always fall short of this so I add in a slightly harder line to finish them off.


Once I have neatly and slowly filled in the brows, I use the other end of the pencil to neatly comb and smudge in the colour. Using a touch of lip balm, I sweep the hairs so they lie flat.

Another excellent product for creating perfect brows is Benefit’s Brow Zings (£21.50) which is made up of a wax and cream to add exact and long-lasting definition. The beauty with this product is you can subtly build from a soft brow to a heavily defined one if you so wish. Using the tools provided, firstly pluck out any unwanted hairs with a mini set of Tweezerman tweezers, and then using the cute tiny brushes subtly follow the same technique as above firstly with the wax and then the powder. The overall look is incredibly neat, whilst the combination of the wax and the powder makes sure that the definition and colour stays put all day.


For highlighting and creating overall definition and bone structure, there are a few other techniques you can try once you have pencilled in your brows. Using Benefit’s High Brow pencil (£13.50), softly draw a line directly under yours brows following the brow line and shape. Gently smudge it in with your finger and you have an instant brow lift which not only looks super groomed but instantly awakens the face and completes that ‘good-to-go’ look. Many women I tried this on also loved that the bright contrast with the neat brows gave a look of youthfulness.


One of my other favourite techniques for faking bone structure is adding the tiniest spot of Benefit’s High Beam (£17.55) or any other highlighting cream to the outer peak of your eyebrow. Gently pat (don’t rub) on the exact spot the dot of cream and you instantly have a super defined brown bone. For extra, extra definition I apply another dab below the peak of the arch.

If you need that little bit of extra definition or pretty much need to recreate an entire over-plucked brow, chose your products wisely and take your time blending and adding in. Along with good skin, a neat pair of brows should be your first beauty basic. If you’ve been blessed like my friend (did I mention her skin is like that of a baby’s bottom?) you can go completely make-upless and still retain a causal, chic effortless look. If you’re like me, then a few simple tricks can recreate a perfect brow without anyone being none the wiser… 😉


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    tessacharlotte posted: ” They can entirely change a face. A beautiful set frame a pair of pretty eyes, add a general neatness and complete the general look of perfection to your make-up. Neatly done, I find I can get away with less make-up as they have that wonderful ability “

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