Lashings of Lashes

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I would love to be a natural beauty. You know those girls, who wake up and can literally walk out of the house without brushing the hair or applying even a dab of make-up and yet still look gorgeous. By all means, they are a rare species however I do know a few and by god, I envy them.

Don’t get me wrong, the reason I started this blog is because I am totally obsessed with make-up and products. I love trying out various glitters, liners, false lashes, fake tans and all other vampy products that make me look less like me and more like the actresses, models and girl bands that grace our screens. If we were all such natural beauties the multi-billion dollar beauty industry would fall into a decline. However I think what the current beauty industry seems to be thriving off at the moment, is trying to imitate the Cara Delevigne simple, natural look. BB and CC creams, brow liners and excellent skin care are all the rage at the moment. Combining the technology of skin care within our foundations appeals to the ever-increasing demands of today’s career minded and motherhood juggling women who want more from their make-up by doing less. Women are after products that can make us look our naturally beautiful with minimal fuss and maximime ease (no matter the cost). Therefore it will come as no surprise that one of the latest beauty trends is eyelash extensions.

Now, I hear you jumping, screaming and shouting ‘there’s nothing natural about super-long eyelash extensions’! And I agree. A couple of friends of mine have had the super-long, full set which whilst they look great on a night out, can be a bit too much in the day. However I had heard very positive things about having half a set and getting the natural look from extensions. I got in touch with a friend of mine who is an excellent make-up artist to see what she could offer. She agreed that if I wanted longer lashes with a neat, defined look without going over the top then half a set would be the prefect match. The ultimate aim was to be able to go mascara less.

I popped over to her house on a Friday night, not really knowing what to expect, despite asking friends who had had them done. Everyone warned me that would annoy me. Whilst they look great, you can’t sleep on your front as the lashes will get crushed on your pillow, you can’t really get them wet as it encourages them to fall out along with wearing mascara, if you pull on them (although I ask – who does this?) they pull out your natural eyelashes too. Despite being hesitant I was still keen to see what the final effect would be. I was longing to be able to apply  a touch of foundation on with a sweep of bronzer and leave the house as faux but natural-looking-beauty none the less. Surely any kind of annoyance was would be worth it?

Once I got settled, Georgie applied some weird cushiony pads under my eyes which she explained kept my lower lashes stuck down so they don’t get caught. This sounded scary – but it actually wasn’t once they were applied. They became quite itchy as the process went on however applying half a set only took half an hour to which I picked Georgie’s brains on all the latest beauty trends. Not really knowing what was going on I was try impatient to see the overall effect. I was totally and utterly overwhelmed to see these gorgeous, dark, full lashes staring back at me in the mirror. Plus they looked REAL. That isn’t just my opinion, many girls at work couldn’t even tell I had them done which I took as a compliment rather than an insult. Like when I have my highlights done, I would always prefer for someone to wonder why I generally looked better than be able to pin-point it.  Whilst they looked real, I stupidly assumed they would feel real. They don’t – they feel exactly as anyone would expect false lashes to feel. See a photo of the overal look below:


Now unfortunately more of the downside. If you want to get real value for money out of your lash extensions you need to be bloody careful with them, which isn’t always easy. For example, you can’t vigorously rub your eyes in the morning – they will fall out. I had to pick up the morning sleepy dust, bit my bit! If you wear mascara (which I wish I realised I didn’t need to) taking it off is a nightmare. You can’t really get them wet in the shower or when you wash your face – this will also encourage them to fall out. I will admit, they ARE annoying. If you don’t like fuss then this probably isn’t the right treatment for you.

However if I knew then what I know now, I would have been extra-vigilant because I absolutely loved the original look of them. The lashes are supposed to start falling out within 1-2 weeks which then requires a top-up. By two weeks mine have all gone. But I feel like I only have myself to blame. In the beginning they looked amazing and I genuinely think I could have kept them that way if I had been more careful. Despite the fact they did annoy me at times, I have not been put off, I am getting a second set put in as soon as pay-day comes. They one hundred percent achieved the natural look, simply requiring my flawless base and a swoosh of bronzer. Once I have had them re-applied I will let you know if being more attentive keeps them in place.

If you would like a full, half or express set of eyelash extensions contact Georgie Horstead:

Prices start at £25


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  1. Another good one. Vigilant not vigilent!

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    tessacharlotte posted: ” I would love to be a natural beauty. You know those girls, who wake up and can literally walk out of the house without brushing the hair or applying even a dab of make-up and yet still look gorgeous. By all means, they are a rare species however I d”

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