The Quest for Perfect Skin Continued…

‘It’s like rain on your wedding day… a free ride but you’ve already paid’ One song which perfectly summarised exactly how irony feels. Well maybe Alanis Morisette should have written a beauty blog… it would have certainly provided her with extra lyrical material. Ever since I wrote the blog The Quest for Perfect Skin it has been like an ominous dark, overconfident cloud hanging over me ready to thunder and pour at any moment. I knew as soon as I hit ‘publish post’ my radiant and what-was-then clear complexion would shove two fingers up at me and scream in my face ‘Not for long sucker’. Yet I wanted to share my advice and the results I had seen with my loyal and now growing (thank you ThisIsOurVillage.Com) readers. Whilst my skin on the whole has generally improved, I haven’t seen it look as glorious as it did when I wrote that what now feels like a doomed post.
I have attributed this to several factors. The first is the Pill. The Pill that was initially taken to clear up my skin somehow turned into a three year stint. After a long-consideration I decided now would be a good time to come off it. I suddenly felt all hippy and new age and worried about the amount of extra hormones I was putting in my body. Since I have come off however, whilst there hasn’t been a massive outbreak my body definitely seems to be trying to adapt and normalise itself which has come in the form of a few outbreaks.
The other factor I attribute to my skin is this RIDICULOUS but DELIGHTFUL change in weather. I love the sun as much as the next worshiping sun-goddess. A recent 5 day trip to Mallorca saw me setting my alarm for 8am and tanning straight through until sun-down. However the downside of not living on the beach in some glorious, poolside villa is that this hot weather in London mixed with pollution, the commute and topped off with a 6.20am rise is not doing wonders for my skin. The air-con at work is drying it out whilst all the other factors are making it perspire and oil up. I was in need of some serious game-changing skin care so got in touch with the good people at Avène and Liz Earle.
 Avene Micellar Lotion Cleanser and Make-up Remover 200ml  
So as a lot of you know I am completely sold on the French beauty brand Avène. Their Cleanance range turned my skin from from a dull and blemish prone nightmare to a glowing, clear fresh face. I loved the mattifying and smoothing effect the emulsion had however with air-con and sun exposure drying my face out I needed something a little more hydrating whilst baring in mind that the summer is my most ‘oily’ period. Katie at Pegasus PR recommended their Hydrance Optimale moisturiser in ‘légère’ which is super light and sheer but hydrating. As expected, I wasn’t disappointed. Combined with the Clenance toner (dedicated fan) this beauty provided the prefect balance of moisture vs oil and kept any threats of nose peel at bay. All in all, an essential summer buy!
In addition to this Katie recommended Avène’s Micellar lotion which removes make-up as well as cleanses and tones all in one. As part of my double cleanse routine I replaced my Bioderma with this product to see how they matched up. Far better than unhygienic make-up wipes  and far more accessible than France’s scared Bioderma the Avène Micellar lotion proved to be hydrating, refreshing and effective in removing all traces of make-up whilst leaving me blemish-free. Another triumph from Avène.
Liz Earle Hot Polish Cleanser
So whilst I am still seeing glowing results from Avène’s soapless gel cleanser, with this change in weather I need something a little more soothing and a touch less drying than a wash. However having that said, I can’t go to bed without washing my face in some shape or form. I have always read great things about Liz Earle’s Hot Polish Cleanser and hearing it is excellent for all skin types I requested a sample. The product itself is a cream cleanser that has spot-fighting and soothing essential oils such as eucalyptus, rosemary and chamomile which make a delightful pre-bed relaxant. Applying this all over and using the hot cloths provided I soak one under the hot tap and then checking the cloth isn’t scolding I place it over my face to open up the pores and let the cleanser sink in. Then, carefully rubbing around in circular motions the cloth and balm effectively work to gently exfoliate the face whilst leaving it super cleansed and soft. Nourishing my dry and slightly burnt patches whilst tackling the blemishes makes Liz Earle’s Hot Polish Cleanser a perfect bed-time cleanse.
NB: be sure to machine-wash each hot polish cloth after a couple of uses do they don’t collect a build-up of bacteria.
Oil Up
During a recent PR campaign I got to pick the brains of make-up artist to the stars Justine Jenkins and explained my current complexion issues. She took a good long hard look at my face and said that the localised blemishes on my chin are due to hormones which she claimed is no doubt due to my body trying to regulate itself now I have come off the pill. She explained that whilst the hormones will eventually settle, in the mean time I should use an oil, yes an oil, to balance out my skin. Justine firmly believes that oilier skins are just as much in need of a facial oil as dry skins are.
The way she explained the process is that if you feed the sebum glands (responsible for producing oil) a facial oil they start to produce less oil as they are already satisfied and balanced out, crafty eh? With this in mind I have been applying NUXE Huile Prodigieuse for body, hair and face every few nights or so which is a ‘unique concentration of 6 Precious Oils (Borage, St. John’s Wort, Sweet Almond, Camellia, Hazelnut and Macadamia) and Vitamin E.’
 As well as my face I apply it to my body which gives my sun-parched skin the nourishing hydration it needs. To top it off, the oil also has that rich, comforting smell that you tend to get from luxurious, high-end products!
So you see, whilst I am still slapping myself for my overconfident boast of clear skin, the change in climate has provided me with new blog material as well as offering me the opportunity to try a few products I may not have given a chance before. The problem with combination skin is getting the balance right. As I quote almost in mantra-like form, getting your skin care regime right is all down to trial-and-error. In the mean time, enjoy the weather even if your skin doesn’t!

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