I’ve Got the Magic in Me


I’ve seen my share of Dynamo stunts and whilst I’ve managed to suspend disbelief there was always some kind of plausible explanation as to how the man can hang of the edge of a bus, elevate, walk on water. I don’t believe in magic… or rather I didn’t until I purchased what I now call the magical potion that must have been created by the divine powers above. The label says Mario Badecsu but there is a part of me that genuinely believes Mario is God in cognito masquerading as an Romanian-born American skin care specialist.

Recommended by ex-communications manager for Estée Lauder, Alice Raymond, she promised me that if I purchased Mario Badescu’s Drying Lotion all my problems would be solved. She even referred to magic herself, saying that when she applied the lotion onto her blemishes they miraculously vanished overnight. Trusting her expertise, but secretly thinking ‘really? I’ve heard it all before’  I purchased a bottle from  Beauty Bay which was delivered the following day.

Desperate to end my war on blemishes, which can back fighting fierce after my holiday I ran home to do my DIY Facial and then carefully followed the application steps. The lotion itself actually looks like it was created in some magically, fairytale, Harry Potter-type pharmacy with simple packaging, 3 inches of pink sediment (which turns out to be Calamine Lotion) which settles at the bottom and topped up with a clear, antiseptic-like liquid. The bottle specifically directs you NOT to shake the lotion, but stick a cotton bud right down into the pink sediment. I then dabbed it over each individual blemish making sure not to double-dip. Resembling a child with chicken pox I tucked myself up with a cup of tea and episode of friends and then drifted off to sleep.

I awoke the next day like an excited kid waiting to hear if snow day had cancelled school. I washed all the pink little dots of my face with my Avène Cleanance Wash to miraculously see that my blemishes had completely disappeared… I couldn’t believe it. Completely gone… as if by magic. I’ve used my fair share of spot treatments in the past and none had ever worked like this. Sure, the redness goes down, they aren’t quite as angry as the night before but this beauty literally makes them vanish. Granted, the massive ones don’t entirely vanish but 80% of the infection had definitely gone and by the following night it had healed completely.

The following night I thought, do pigs fly? Maybe I’m dreaming… so I called in my trusted guinea pigs, my mum and sister who also put it to the test. The same result… blemishes vanished overnight. My sister called her best friend in excitement who instantly drove over to put it to the test. The next day the same result… in fact she actually came back the following night (never mind that it was 8pm, on a Sunday night and she lives 20 minute away) with her sister in tow. Out of towners… actually travelling to use Mario’s magic lotion.

So, ladies, I command everyone, even those who get one spot a year, to make sure they have this miracle product locked up in their draw. That said, I am now slightly worried that I have now shared my secret weapon with you all… Don’t go bitch ass crazy on me and cause Beauty Bay to run out of stock, I need my magic!

Out of towners putting magic to the test…



4 thoughts on “I’ve Got the Magic in Me

  1. You’ll do wonders for them. They should pay you!

    From: blogciaobella <comment-reply@wordpress.com> Reply-To: blogciaobella <comment+_6xiomqdtybq9utk8fa_–1@comment.wordpress.com> Date: Monday, 23 September 2013 09:41 To: Template User <martinannable@eaglemoss.co.uk> Subject: [New post] Ive Got the Magic in Me

    tessacharlotte posted: ” I’ve seen my share of Dynamo stunts and whilst I’ve managed to suspend disbelief there was always some kind of plausible explanation as to how the man can hang of the edge of a bus, elevate, walk on water. I don’t believe in magic or rather I didn’t un”

  2. Absolutely agree! As the mother of said beauty blogger I used the potion and my one spot ( from tweezing chin hair) was on its way by morning . Have to creep into daughter’s room inide of night if I need it again.

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