St Tropez Gradual Tan Mousse


So firstly let’s start with the best thing about St Tropez’s Gradual Tan Mousse – it smells heavenly, a rare and almost unbelievable trait for a fake tan. Unlike most other products out there on the market, this beauty won’t leave you smelling like chips or biscuits – the ultimate ‘this isn’t my natural colour’ giveaway. Even those who are lucky enough to get up and close and personal won’t be able to trace the scent of your faux bronzage, they will simply think you have been dowered in sweet and delightful aromas of perfume.

The second best thing about this product and in fact, all St Tropez products is its fading abilities – oh–so–softly and natural like that of a real tan at which point you can top it up with an extra layer. I always find the biggest problem with cheaper fake tans is whilst they might give a good, overall colour on day 1, by day 3 as they fade they leave patchy marks of shame (less than ideal). I can say with complete honesty I have not once had a patchy St Tropez situation which is my justification for why it’s always better to spend that little extra on your fake tan.

When it comes down to colour, the Gradual Tan Mousse leaves a gorgeous, light, golden hint of tan, perfect for fairer skins. I myself am slightly more olivey so therefore always opt for two layers (broken up by one sleep) to give me a deeper all over glow. If you are a fairer friend then this is an essential buy and an absolute must for you Christmas wish list. Happy bronzing!


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