Some Like It Hot… (Pink)


I love nothing more than the beauty of a slender, manicured hand. For absolute sophistication, the perfection and expert levels of a manicurist can’t be rivaled. Their steadiness and acuteness of their application is admirable and a level that DIY just doesn’t match up to. With self-application there’s always one smudge or one tiny missed bit that just drives me crazy for the rest of the week, and then they ALWAYS chip early on. Sadly we must ask ourselves ladies, who can justify such a luxury as having manicures done on a weekly basis in this current economic depression.

So you see my first-world predicament.To self-paint or not to self-paint that is the question? I decided in a bid to be frugal and savvy I will have a go at doing this all on my own. Knowing the beauty team for Asda quite well, I requested their Gel Pro nail varnishes which come in delectable, summer-is-round-the–corner colours (see my over-excitable instagram post below). Now I know you’re all being label snobs, and secretly I am too but trust me girls, theses varnishes are the bees’ knees! Easy-peasy, application with a silky, shiny finish they not only look super professional but they last a solid week. When the colours are these tasty, I already feel like I am coming round to DIY nails. With a push of confidence, I settled down to back-to-back episodes of Sex and the City and a spot light so I could be the most accurate of amateurs. See below my step-by-step guide to DYI, close-to-perfect nails.

For a meager £2.00 you can buy a 4 Way Buffer Block from Boots, which is well, what is says on the packet. I do three out of the four steps, file, remove ridges and smooth not finishing with a polish which too shiny for paint but a nice sleek finish if you want your nails to go au natural.

Like My Base Down Low
Much like when applying my foundation a decent base is essential for optimum staying power. Mamma Santa kindly popped Rimmel’s Strong Nails base and top coat on my bedside table one night which apparently make all the long-lasting difference. Cheap and well-recommended I apply one thin layer and allow it to dry before I conquer the masterful art of perfect, nail colour- application.

Some Like It Hot
Pink. Or rather the inner Barbie in me does, I say inner, I wish she was outer with the sh*t hot body.  Find a nice, flat, steady surface and turning on the brightest lamp you have, like a surgeon in theater shine it down upon your prepped and primed hands. First time round I wanted to be big and bold so I opted for Asda’s Gel Pro in 06 Rose, and carefully set about applying my first layer using threes strokes on each nail. The best thing about Asda Gel Pro nail polishes other than the sumptuous selection of colours is the fool-proof perfectly sized brush which makes self-application as easy ABC as well as creating a smudge-proof finish. Making sure each layer dries before I apply another, I opt for three coats of polish on each hand to create that lovely, lacquered texture finishing with a layer of Rimmel’s Finishing Touch Top Coat. See above for the overall finish… not bad for an amateur eh?


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