Robert Neil – Review


I have (sorry I mean had) two-tone hair. Work got crazy, my money ran out, I went on holidays and somehow managed to go a whole 4 months without having my hair highlighted. I know, I am a traitor to the blonde race. To be fair, the job the girls did at Jo Hansford was so brilliant, I didn’t actually need to do anything until month 3, pretty good going given that most women get the hair highlighted every 6-8 weeks. So given that I can’t unfortunately afford the £300 it would cost at the Jo Hansford salon, I trotted down to the Robert Neil salon in Sheen, as recommended by best friend Jess Young, the ultimate blonde babe.

My first impressions of the Robert Neil Salon were how insanely it busy it was, which can only mean a good things. I met my colourist who discussed the various options for colouring hair and decided to follow the three soft types of blonde that I had previously had. Michelle got to work very rapidly and managed to whip a full head of highlights in, in 40 minutes. Once washed, I breathed a sigh of relief knowing that the awful dark roots were a thing of the past. The colour was a decent, mix of light blonde, gold and honey which was a little bit brighter than what I am usually used to but a nice change for the summer. Once my hair had been delicately combed, I met with the lovely Adam, who is the son of the Robert Neil himself. Adam explained how the salon was a proper, family-run business where he is joined by his brother and cousin and even still his Dad which is pretty impressive given that Robert opened the salon 40 years ago – very The Godfather! The salon atmosphere was very friendly and had a buzz that is only created around an Italian, family dinner table.

Once back to the job in hand, Adam explained that whilst I thought I needed about 5 inches of my rat-tails chopped off, he could easily get away with just taking off a generous 2. He also explained that he would create a touch of shape around the face whilst keeping the rest of the hair an even length. Perfect. Chatting away about his family, and how his initial ambition was to be a chef rather than follow in his father’s footsteps, Adam got to work snipping and cutting away. Once blow-dried, after demanding as much volume as possible, I was met with a wonderful, healthy swish of blonde hair. A week on, my hair is a very manageable length that requires almost no styling at all which is SUCH a time-saver in the morning. After a few home washes, the colour has toned down as well leaving me with the perfect, sun-kissed, beach babe hair.

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