Stay Cool

So, I need to fess up and admit to the fact that with all the best intentions in the world, when starting this blog I haven’t been dedicated enough in maintaining it. I know, I am a terrible blogger but I do miss it which is why I am talking the time to write this post. There are no excuses as to why I let the blog go, but in the hope that you may all forgive me, I am going to list them out…

  1. I have a full-time job
  2. Running around London in 30 degrees heat takes up a lot of time
  3. I actually like to spend my weekends not looking at a computer screen (counter-productive to blogging)
  4. The impossible happened and I have managed to tie down a boyfriend for a whole 6 months who actually quite likes me 
  5. I spend a solid hour most days being racked with guilt about quitting the gym over bikini bod season
  6. I spend a lot of time eating and overindulging on cocktails (whilst simultaneously feeling guilty about the gym)
  7. I like seeing my friends 
  8. I try and see my family as despite complaining about them, I quite miss them

So whilst I realise all of the above doesn’t justify my laziness I hope you can relate forgive me? Can I tempt you to read on and let me tell you about how to battle the HORRENDOUS CITY, SUMMER HEAT and help you stop your make-up from sliding down your face? 

If you are lucky enough to live on a glorious beach, a yacht or have permanent access to a vat of cool, water (and no I don’t mean your niece’s paddling pool) then don’t read on. If however you are currently sitting at your desk with sweat sliding off your hands, your hair flat and frizzy and make-up that is land-sliding down your face you may like me, be in desperate need of some help. 

The first piece of advice I have is so bloody obvious but try and STAY COOL ladies. Bar the obvious eg squashing your face against the air con whilst it shoots an icey cold breeze, up your nose and drink plenty of the good old H2O, here are a couple of neat tricks that will lower your body temperature. 

  1. Put an ice cub in your mouth, it will lower your body temperature as well as calm you if you’re having a particularly stressful day.
  2. Wash your hands for a couple of minutes under an icey tap – pulse points help cool your entire body.
  3. Have a cup of tea – your system has to cool it down in order to digest it, thus cooling you down.
  4. Do you have to take the tube? Sure it’s quicker but it’s utter hell in this weather. I’ve started taking the bus home and whilst it’s an additional 15 minutes, it leaves me feeling a lot less hot and bothered. It’s also a great opportunity to see the sights of London.


205497.001 s1349976-main-hero
The next piece advice I have is invest in a good primer which will stop the hideous foundation land-slide look that I have been recently sporting. With even dryer skins becoming prone to shine in this heat, and combination skin types like myself beginning to resemble an oil slick, everyone can benefit from one of these beauties. Here are my personal recommendations:

Smashbox Photo Finish Primer
A favourite amongst celebs over in the States, and sister company of Clinique, Smash Box offer an array of brilliant primers that adhere to every skin’s needs. Created to withstand intense studio lighting, I am fan of Photo Finish Light which gives you an oil-absorbing canvas, whilst being suitable for dry skins and not being over-mattifying. Gently pat over your entire face for creating the perfect base.

£25 for 30ml

Benefit, PoreFessional
Great for us girls who have open pores and oilier complexions. A combination of vitamin E and silicon this wonder-balm creates mattifying, smooth canvas to give you that film-screen flawless look. Pay particular attention to the your T-zone.

£24.50 for 22ml


summer-skin-urban-decay-chill-makeup-setting-spray-051613_0 s1073014-main-hero

Once you’ve applied your make-up with clean brushes, not your sweaty, gross hands you’ll need something to set it with. I love Bare Minerals, Mineral Veil in Original which is a soft pink, loose, translucent powder which creates a barrier between your foundation and the outside heat and environmental factors that cause your make-up to slide. It’s so soft it doesn’t add to anything to your final finish other than airbrush perfection. 

£20 for 8g

Over one of our heat-wave weekends, a friend introduced me to Urban Decay’s All Nighter Long Lasting Make-Up Setting Spray which really does do what it says on the tin. During a particular boozy weekend, my make-up withstood sand, sun and wind for a full day at the Beach Polo! The spray features patented Temperature Control Technology which actually lowers the temperature of your make-up. I highly recommend this baby! Here is a photo of my won’t budge make-up and the boyfriend of 6 months who quite likes me:


£20 for 118ml


000147598 Anti-Blemish-Solutions-Clinical-Clearing-Gel avene-cleanance-cleansing-13664

As Mary Poppins would say. A summer in the city means acne for my combination skin. The mix between pollution, office air-con and the sticky heat results in break-outs across my complexion. I’ve been trying to combat this with a regimented regime of double cleansing as recommended by French beauty experts whereby I remove the first layer of make-up and grime off my face with a micellar water (I love Avène Eau Thermale Avene Cleanance Cleansing Water which is super refreshing and targeted a blemish-prone skin, £14.40 for 400ml) and then follow up with a hot cloth cleanse. The second cleanse works to give your skin a deep clean rather than simply removing your make-up. A cult classic, I’ve rediscovered Liz Earle’s Hot Cloth Cleanser (£14.75 for 50ml) which cleared up a particularly nasty bout of spots within a week.

After toner and moisturiser, before bed, I apply a layer of Clinique’s Anti-Blemish solution (£20 for 30ml) over any blemishes or under the skin volcanoes that are threatening to wreck my day. This little beauty is like Superman for spots, working its magic in a matter of hours.

So there you have it ladies, a couple of tips on being cool from the UK’s sorriest blogger. Forgiven me?


The Suitcase Experiment

After what seemed like a glorious and fully deserved holiday I have been back in the motherland for two weeks and I am still suffering from a severe case of holiday blues. As a few of you know, every year the Annable family and close family friend Mandy embark on a two week Club Med holiday which always turns into what I continue to call for the rest of the year ‘the best two weeks of my life’ as it is usually fun filled, alcohol fueled, full of laughs and jokes and serious sunbathing. Better still, the majority of the clientele are French so I spend 14 days vous-vousing and s’il-tu-plaiting which makes me feel like my whole degree was worth while.

This year was the first year away where I could technically call myself a beauty blogger so I used it as an opportunity to find what truly are my holiday essential beauty products. This didn’t mean that I cut down on what lotions, potions, creams and bottles I pack, quite the opposite. The idea behind the experiment was pack as much as products that baggage allowance would permit and keep a log of what I used ‘frequently, often, sometimes and never’. I was so dedicated to the experiment that I actually had minimal clothing and became what Lizzie McGuire refers to as ‘an outfit repeater’.

So I am aware that I probably use a lot more products than most. Not everyone has the time every day to remove their make-up, polish their skin, tone their pores and moisturise their body, oil their legs, wash their hair in the shower, then dampen in the sea for the beach effect, whilst trying to actually commit to some form of sporting activities as well as the  seven hour sun bathing stint. Thus the products that I used ‘frequently’ may not be a complete necessity for every gal, however for those who are interested please see below.


I kept to my normal skin care routine using Liz Earle and all the Avène Cleanance range products however for the day I replaced my normal Hydrance Optimale moisturiser with the SPF version which came in factor 20. Needless to say, it did not disappoint. Unlike most sunscreens for face, it was light weight, non greasy and gave maximum protection. I applied morning and mid-afternoon and didn’t burn once. All in all, a total win.

Hawaiian Tropic


The first products I used every day are obvious… sun cream. An absolute must for protecting the skin from those UVA rays. I used 30 down to 15 throughout the holiday to make sure I was getting maximum protection whilst getting the tan I spend the rest of the year trying to maintain. This year I used Hawaiian Tropic’s Silk Hydration which has THE most DELIGHTFUL smell I have ever come across in a suncream. Rich coconutty and tropical aromas filled the air as I creamed up next to the pool, so much so that the sunbather next to me commented on the heavenly scent. Furthermore, the lotion has ’12 hours of hydrating ribbons’ which not only create delicious candy-like packaging but seriously moisturise the skin leaving it soft and supple. Unlike a lot of sun creams, the lotion is easily absorbed, feels silky and lightweight rather than thick and greasy.
In addition to the suncreams I tried out Hawaiian Tropic’s  Silk Hydration After Sun. I’m always skeptical about after sun because whilst they promise to be ‘soothing’ I find they don’t offer as much hydration as a usual moisturiser. That is until I came across Hawaiian Tropic with those oh so clever ’12 hour hydrating ribbons’. As well as soothing my post-tanned (I did not burn once HURRAH) it provided excellent hydration and smelt just as divine as its sun cream counter-part.

Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse

A dark horse that trumped as a total surprise for ‘frequent use’. I’ve used this product from time to time at home when I fancied a little bit of luxurious TLC but I wouldn’t have ever said frequently. I thought the last thing I would have wanted in a hot, sweaty climate would be oil but it turns out my parched skin lapped up this nutritious mix of vitamin E and sweet almond oil. It gave a lovely dewy glow in the evenings, particularly on the legs.

Tangle Teezer

Before I went away I invested in what I would now call the best tenner I ever spent. Advised by Damien, the highlighting prince at The House of Rush, I bought a Tangle Teezer to get through my ALMOST nipple-length  locks. The disadvantage with trying to get my hair to this desired length is its incredible ability to knot up and tangle… queue the Tangle Teezer. This little beauty has moved permanently into my handbag and worked wonders at brushing the tangles out of my post wind-swept beach hair. Like magic, the tiny little bristles work through even the knottiest and matt hair (often the outcome of backcombing, Batiste and big nights out). Apply conditioner and brush through to achieve the silkiest, tangle-free, princess style locks.

To be honest the products I used frequently were the only products I used. Turns out I am low maintenance when on holiday… the sun clears up my complexion, I am make-upless in the day, my hair has genuine beach waves and lets face it everything looks better with a tan. The product I used often was Sudocreme which is a regular favourite of mine. I used this product less than I usually do at home, purely because for the first 10 days my facial skin was in tip top condition. However when a few blemishes struck and struggled to heal in the moist and exotic climate, like the good post drunk  girl I am I applied large patches to each blemish.

The products I never used were hair products, I simply didn’t need them. Being as vain as I am, I used to make sure I washed my hair post-pool at midday and then thoroughly rinse it in the sea and let it dry naturally. It was SO nice being such low maintenance and the overall effect was even better than all the lotions and potions I use back home. Flushed cheeks, a facial tan and real beach girl waves cut my evening getting ready time in half. I simply added a touch of bronzer to even me out, strokes of greys, bronzes and brown eye khols to accentuate my eyes, and finished with a slick of Chanel’s Le Voume De Mascara which truly is the business and a new personal favourite.

Unfortunately I don’t have a permanent year-round tan or a beach at my disposable to continue such an easy and low product ritual. In fact since I’ve been back I’ve been using and trying whatever I can get my hands to recreate that low-key, natural beauty look…next blog post to come 🙂

The Definition of Beauty

When I got to thinking about what I could write for my next blog post I thought about the definition of beauty and what it actually is that makes somebody beautiful. The main focus of this ‘beauty’ blog has always been about using products and cosmetics to enhance or create beauty.  Other than my two week stint of drinking 2 liters of water a day, all the posts have been product-led. There is hardly anything on well-being and general happiness and health.

I struggled with this for a good twenty minutes because talking about health and happiness isn’t really what this blog is about. My blog is superficial. I don’t mean that in a negative way, but essentially make-up and cosmetics are about superficial beauty. I have never tried to be dishonest about that, there is a part of me that IS superficial. I like changing and improving my surface appearance but the person I am stays the same. However I then thought health is the first and very fundamental basic of being ‘beautiful’.

When I looked up the definition of beauty it said this:
•    A combination of qualities, such as shape, color, or form, that pleases the aesthetic senses, esp. the sight.
•    A combination of qualities that pleases the intellect or moral sense.
I would say 75% of this definition is relating to appearance rather than anything slightly more profound. Yet there were words and phrases that couldn’t be translated as just physical. For example ‘moral sense’ and ‘qualities’ which got me to thinking.

I have a friend who is always harking on about ‘beauty’ on the inside. Whilst I know that people ARE beautiful on the inside I always thought it was a hippy thing to say or something parents tell their children to fill them with the necessary initial stages of confidence. However although I hate to EVER let her be right, I always had a secret inclination that she may be on to something. There is nothing more attractive than somebody genuinely laughing or smiling. Positivity and and general self-acceptance rather than over-bearing confidence can be beautiful. This often derives from a general sense of happiness. It may be that you are head-over-heels in love or you have a great, blossoming career. Maybe you have the support of an amazing set of friends and a loving family who stick by you… Maybe you have it all! Unlike cosmetics, these intangible types of happiness can’t be purchased or physically applied.

Whilst I may pay for my gym membership…the dedication and hard work it takes to get into shape and eat healthily is also something that can’t be bought.  Whilst the ‘junk food’ days come and go, I think I can finally say that I am currently at my happiest because for once I have gained some form of control over my diet. I am trying not to gorge on addictive sugars and sluggish carbohydrates but eating properly and regularly and spending a solid but not excessive amount of time in the gym. The hard work has paid off (it has taken 6 months) and I can actually see new sets of definition and muscles. I know this has contributed to my overall appearance, not because my clothes fit better but because it makes me happy and confident which no doubt shows on my face. There’s no amount of make-up that could fake that.

A friend of mine joked yesterday about the state many girls find themselves in post break-up or mid-depression, a welcomed loss of weight but with the gaunt, worried face that says ‘whilst I may look great on the outside, I’m screaming and crying on the inside’. And she’s right, you do look good… We’ve all been there. During moments of depression or upset, the appetite just goes and suddenly the weight drops off and your thin without even trying. Then the compliments come and for a moment you feel good about yourself.  Accept if you move your eyes upwards the face is full of angst and upset. When you compare this with the happiness of somebody who has a toned, svelte body that derives from working out it doesn’t seem so desirable.

So I guess what I am asking is if it isn’t the billion-dollar cosmetic industry that makes us ‘appear’ to beautiful then what is it?

It’s about loving the life you’re living and keeping good health. If you don’t love the life you live you need to figure out what it is that is stopping you from being the positive person that is laughing for no reason other than they’re happy. If you’re unhappy you probably aren’t in good health either so I guess the two go hand-in-hand. Once you’ve tackled truly tackled the inner (CRINGE) beauty it is only then you can purchase products that work to enhance that natural, positive, smiling face.

Lashings of Lashes

photo  photo[1]

I would love to be a natural beauty. You know those girls, who wake up and can literally walk out of the house without brushing the hair or applying even a dab of make-up and yet still look gorgeous. By all means, they are a rare species however I do know a few and by god, I envy them.

Don’t get me wrong, the reason I started this blog is because I am totally obsessed with make-up and products. I love trying out various glitters, liners, false lashes, fake tans and all other vampy products that make me look less like me and more like the actresses, models and girl bands that grace our screens. If we were all such natural beauties the multi-billion dollar beauty industry would fall into a decline. However I think what the current beauty industry seems to be thriving off at the moment, is trying to imitate the Cara Delevigne simple, natural look. BB and CC creams, brow liners and excellent skin care are all the rage at the moment. Combining the technology of skin care within our foundations appeals to the ever-increasing demands of today’s career minded and motherhood juggling women who want more from their make-up by doing less. Women are after products that can make us look our naturally beautiful with minimal fuss and maximime ease (no matter the cost). Therefore it will come as no surprise that one of the latest beauty trends is eyelash extensions.

Now, I hear you jumping, screaming and shouting ‘there’s nothing natural about super-long eyelash extensions’! And I agree. A couple of friends of mine have had the super-long, full set which whilst they look great on a night out, can be a bit too much in the day. However I had heard very positive things about having half a set and getting the natural look from extensions. I got in touch with a friend of mine who is an excellent make-up artist to see what she could offer. She agreed that if I wanted longer lashes with a neat, defined look without going over the top then half a set would be the prefect match. The ultimate aim was to be able to go mascara less.

I popped over to her house on a Friday night, not really knowing what to expect, despite asking friends who had had them done. Everyone warned me that would annoy me. Whilst they look great, you can’t sleep on your front as the lashes will get crushed on your pillow, you can’t really get them wet as it encourages them to fall out along with wearing mascara, if you pull on them (although I ask – who does this?) they pull out your natural eyelashes too. Despite being hesitant I was still keen to see what the final effect would be. I was longing to be able to apply  a touch of foundation on with a sweep of bronzer and leave the house as faux but natural-looking-beauty none the less. Surely any kind of annoyance was would be worth it?

Once I got settled, Georgie applied some weird cushiony pads under my eyes which she explained kept my lower lashes stuck down so they don’t get caught. This sounded scary – but it actually wasn’t once they were applied. They became quite itchy as the process went on however applying half a set only took half an hour to which I picked Georgie’s brains on all the latest beauty trends. Not really knowing what was going on I was try impatient to see the overall effect. I was totally and utterly overwhelmed to see these gorgeous, dark, full lashes staring back at me in the mirror. Plus they looked REAL. That isn’t just my opinion, many girls at work couldn’t even tell I had them done which I took as a compliment rather than an insult. Like when I have my highlights done, I would always prefer for someone to wonder why I generally looked better than be able to pin-point it.  Whilst they looked real, I stupidly assumed they would feel real. They don’t – they feel exactly as anyone would expect false lashes to feel. See a photo of the overal look below:


Now unfortunately more of the downside. If you want to get real value for money out of your lash extensions you need to be bloody careful with them, which isn’t always easy. For example, you can’t vigorously rub your eyes in the morning – they will fall out. I had to pick up the morning sleepy dust, bit my bit! If you wear mascara (which I wish I realised I didn’t need to) taking it off is a nightmare. You can’t really get them wet in the shower or when you wash your face – this will also encourage them to fall out. I will admit, they ARE annoying. If you don’t like fuss then this probably isn’t the right treatment for you.

However if I knew then what I know now, I would have been extra-vigilant because I absolutely loved the original look of them. The lashes are supposed to start falling out within 1-2 weeks which then requires a top-up. By two weeks mine have all gone. But I feel like I only have myself to blame. In the beginning they looked amazing and I genuinely think I could have kept them that way if I had been more careful. Despite the fact they did annoy me at times, I have not been put off, I am getting a second set put in as soon as pay-day comes. They one hundred percent achieved the natural look, simply requiring my flawless base and a swoosh of bronzer. Once I have had them re-applied I will let you know if being more attentive keeps them in place.

If you would like a full, half or express set of eyelash extensions contact Georgie Horstead:

Prices start at £25

The Wow Brow


They can entirely change a face. A beautiful set frame a pair of pretty eyes, add a general neatness and complete the general look of perfection to your make-up. Neatly done, I find I can get away with less make-up as they have that wonderful ability to make you look groomed with minimum effort.

Get them wrong… and disaster strikes. A permanent expression of surprise, brows that quite frankly look like sperm wriggling off into your hair or even worse a bushy, unkempt, pair of manly eyebrows.  I imagine, we can safely say that the type of girls that have these type of brows probably won’t be reading this blog… however it does serve as a gentle reminder for us all to pluck, trim, thread and wax any wayward hairs.

Do you remember that friend of mine who we all hate with the amazing luscious locks… well see below a photo of her brows. Quite simply perfect and ANOTHER reason to hate her.

She has the ‘Wow Brow’ and is an excellent example of just how important shape is and the overall difference it can make. She has hers threaded monthly where she can tailor the shape and have every single unsightly and unwanted hair removed. From as little as £8 a month, it is an affordable method to look exquisitely groomed.


I sadly do not use this method myself because I simply don’t have enough hairs on my brows to truly benefit from the process and can’t face the trials and terror of trying to grow them back. If you haven’t over plucked to the same stage as myself yet I would highly recommend having a monthly thread to get that instant look of perfection.

If you are in the same boat as me then hopefully this blog post will greatly aid your quest for brow perfection. Along with Benefit’s Playstick, my brow pencil is my make-up bag’s staple piece. I’ve tried many variants and have finally have found the one. I turned to the Guru of the cosmetic world (MAC) and boom, with some gentle feathery strokes, a neat brush, a touch of lip balm, I have near-to-perfect brows.

So here is what I do and use. I start by tweezing any wayward, unnecessary hairs with a sharp pair of tweezers. I use the mother of all tweezers (Tweezerman salnt twezzers, £20) and gently pull in the direction of the hair so it is plucked out in one neat stroke. I always try and pluck first thing in the morning when the light shows all unsightly marks, blemishes and unwanted hairs so I can make sure I’ve got all the buggers! I never pluck at the general shape because that’s where disaster can strike. I had them shaped about 6 years ago and have generally tried to keep to that.


Once I am nicely red and plucked, I use Mac’s Veluxe Brow Liner in Brunette (£15) (despite being  blonde). It is a nice soft shade, adding subtle definition with a lovely creamy texture. I apply several light, feathery strokes, starting at the thickest part of the brow and slowly defining and filling in across the brow. In terms of getting the arch of your brow right, you should be able to line up a pencil from the other side of your nose, straight up to your brow which is roughly where the arch should peak. The brow should end at a diagonal from the outer corner of your eye, mine always fall short of this so I add in a slightly harder line to finish them off.


Once I have neatly and slowly filled in the brows, I use the other end of the pencil to neatly comb and smudge in the colour. Using a touch of lip balm, I sweep the hairs so they lie flat.

Another excellent product for creating perfect brows is Benefit’s Brow Zings (£21.50) which is made up of a wax and cream to add exact and long-lasting definition. The beauty with this product is you can subtly build from a soft brow to a heavily defined one if you so wish. Using the tools provided, firstly pluck out any unwanted hairs with a mini set of Tweezerman tweezers, and then using the cute tiny brushes subtly follow the same technique as above firstly with the wax and then the powder. The overall look is incredibly neat, whilst the combination of the wax and the powder makes sure that the definition and colour stays put all day.


For highlighting and creating overall definition and bone structure, there are a few other techniques you can try once you have pencilled in your brows. Using Benefit’s High Brow pencil (£13.50), softly draw a line directly under yours brows following the brow line and shape. Gently smudge it in with your finger and you have an instant brow lift which not only looks super groomed but instantly awakens the face and completes that ‘good-to-go’ look. Many women I tried this on also loved that the bright contrast with the neat brows gave a look of youthfulness.


One of my other favourite techniques for faking bone structure is adding the tiniest spot of Benefit’s High Beam (£17.55) or any other highlighting cream to the outer peak of your eyebrow. Gently pat (don’t rub) on the exact spot the dot of cream and you instantly have a super defined brown bone. For extra, extra definition I apply another dab below the peak of the arch.

If you need that little bit of extra definition or pretty much need to recreate an entire over-plucked brow, chose your products wisely and take your time blending and adding in. Along with good skin, a neat pair of brows should be your first beauty basic. If you’ve been blessed like my friend (did I mention her skin is like that of a baby’s bottom?) you can go completely make-upless and still retain a causal, chic effortless look. If you’re like me, then a few simple tricks can recreate a perfect brow without anyone being none the wiser… 😉

For The Babe with a Broken Foot


So last weekend, four girlfriends and myself had a big, girly night out in Essex. We had it in the diary for ages… the plan was to get super dolled-up just for the hell of it and go and track down the cast of TOWIE. Whilst the prepping and getting ready was enormous fun the night itself ended in total disaster. Myself being drunkenly frog marched through the hotel in nothing but my pants and a crop top whilst Sacha embarked on a trip to A and E and a broken foot (I’m sure she will now seriously reconsider combing vodka with killer heels). Needless to say, prior to her trip to A and E we all had a great time. It also provided me with some great new photos and blogging material. It got me to thinking as to why lovely, naturally pretty girls go to all this trouble and spend all this money to look less like themselves and more like glamour models. And I then I worked it out… BECAUSE IT IS REALLY FUN!

Don’t get me wrong, I am a massive fan of the natural look. My favourite look is naturally bronzed skin, groomed brows, a touch of lip balm and beach-waves hair. However is there not something really exciting about being someone other than normal, lip-balmed, bronzer you for one night?

Well the same theory was applicable for Essex. We wanted to go all out and look the ‘part’ as it were. I spent nearly a whole week fake tanning prior to the actual night because I was intrigued to see just how tanned I could go. Vicki had her hair coloured and nails done that day purely for the night itself. The amount of sprays, potions, lotions, pots, trinkets and bags we brought with us was outstanding (see below) and I could even admit that as a complete beauty junkie, I was more excited about getting ready than the night itself. Sacha was my idol for the night. She spray tans weekly, has permanent fake lashes and at the biggest array of Mac lipsticks I have ever seen. In the words of Amy Childs, ‘well jel’.

Image   Image

Once we all stopped gassing and giggling we got down to some serious business. First things first was the instant tan – not fake, but a wash-off instant hit of colour which is fine until someone idiot spills their drink over you. Whilst I used Asda Self Tan Bronzing Gel for extra colour and shimmer, my fair friend, Jess used Rimmel which I love for totally faking a deep, dark tan. Using a mitt for even application we bronzed up our entire bodies and let the colour dry.


Next step was foundation and concelaer. Loyal to my brands, I used the Benefit Playstick in Tea Party and YSL Touch Éclat Foundation for a full even, glowing coverage, spending a good 20 minutes applying that and my Clinique Camouflage concealer with a brush and then setting it with Mac Studio Fix powder.

Image  Image

Whether I am out in Essex or preparing for any night out, I always spend that bit longer applying more foundation than usual so it stands against the test of hot, sweaty clubs and lots and lots of dancing. The setting powder proves to be detrimental step in making sure my make-up doesn’t stray. I blot quite heavily round the shine crime-zones (the nose and chin) and lightly dust over the rest of the face. Rambling on as I do about how great x product is and how I couldn’t live without y product, both Jess and Aimee tried out the YSL foundation and loved it as much as I do.. I then applied two (!) types of bronzer, Benefit’s Hoola and my new fav, Boobie Brown ‘s Bronzing Powder in Golden Brown.

Next step was those seriously OTT smokey eyes. I am no pro when it comes to doing eye make-up, I have my staple looks but I tend to smudge the intricate smokey eye look. So I went for something simple and foolproof. Lining the top of my eyelids with Benefit’s Bad Gal Kohl Pencil I then smudged Barry M’s Old Gold loose eyeshadow over the top so it blended into a smokey shimmer, adding a shimmery dark chocolatey brown on top and making sure all was nicely blended together. I then lined my lower lash lines with my new love, Mac, Lord It Up which is a lovely chocolately shimmery brown liner… (clearly the look I’m going for is shimmery). Coating my lashes with ample mascara I was almost good to go… all left to do was apply the falseis. Again, this was something I really struggle with, I am just too clumsy and get glue stuck everywhere.


Jess luckily is a pro and kindly applied them for me and Aimee. Surprisingly I used Primark’s Natural False Eye Lashes which only cost a £1. Since the overall look was bold and smokey, it really didn’t matter that these lashes weren’t of the highest quality… however having said that they did a rather good job. Impressed with the easy but successful effect I then applied the same eye shadow look to both of my Jess and Aimee.

I think along with the sheer fun of pretending to be someone else for the night, the girly unity in getting dolled up really kick starts the night.  I am a self-confessed girl’s girl. I have about 6 best friends who I talk non-stop with on the phone and who will share everything with, from clothes to heels to make-up and tampons! I think that is part of the beauty of beauty… it is something that girls can share (sorry that was really cringe).

After clouding ourselves in hairspray we were almost set to go. The next step was finding the highest heels we could (which proved to be counterproductive for Sacha) and the most flesh-showing, sparkly outfit.

Image  Image

Whilst we all loved imitating the TOWIE look for one night, it isn’t something I would do for EVERY night out. I still love the easiness of softly defined eyes with loose wavy hair. Wherever I go, I always try and look my best because primarily it fills me with confidence and I believe in first impressions.

I would definitely incorporate a lot of the techniques we used to get our Essex look into my daily look. I actually wish I could afford and have the ability to apply false lashes every day because I hate the length of my own (a friend at Condé Nast is putting me in touch with a lady who does bonds).

However I don’t believe any girl needs to go to extreme lengths to look beautiful… Don’t get me wrong, I could spend a whole day beautifying myself, changing this, highlighting that but essentially no one is a blank canvas.

One of my favorite moments was when I was working for Benefit Cosmetics and this girl who seemed quite quiet and shy sat down for me to do her make-up. As I began applying her make-up I gathered that she really didn’t seem pleased to be in the skin she was in, she didn’t say much and didn’t smile once whilst she was sat down. I didn’t do anything drastic to her… a touch of primer, a dab of foundation, soft eye shadows and a flush of blush. Watching her face light up and smile when she saw herself in the mirror was truly gratifying. Needless to say she bought everything I put on her! But want I want to get at is that every girl has something to work with, whether it be naturally high cheeks bones, a beautiful pair of eyes or a perfect cupid’s bow.

The key is to highlight and work with what you have rather than try and fake something you don’t. If you have killer blue eyes, line then up with a dark khol. If you’re naturally fair embrace it and simply add a touch of golden shimmer. But most importantly be proud of the skin your in…. and don’t get drunk and fall over your heels.


Bronzed Babes


My favourite feeling in the whole world is having a tan…  a bit like the H&M girls above but without the to-die-for body. However, even having that healthy colour and glow makes me feel so much more confident. The tan stream lines the body and instantly makes me feel slimmer, as the light is absorbed by dark skin rather than reflected off your previous paler skin. White clothes look whiter, black looks sexier and bold colours can’t even be worn without a tan. My eyes are greener, those little marks I acquired from naughtily squeezing winter blemishes fade and generally my face is flushed with radiance… oh PLEASE JUST HURRY UP SUMMER!

From that little outburst you can imagine that come October despite all my best attempts to moisturise and cling on to the last of my summer colour, I fall into the depths of depression and urgently need to take action. Since recent statistics on the alarming facts of sun beds (using a sunbed before the age of 35 can increase your risk of melanoma by 75%, see for more info) I have stopped even the very few I did a year and have invested in several fake tans to achieve a better, safer, bronzed glow. It’s actually a lot more fun too; I love going to bed and waking up like an excited child to see the results!

There are some very simple techniques in order to wake up to as a bronzed glamazon rather than a patchy satsuma. I personally believe, that getting the application right is half the battle. All fake tans essentially do the same job, it just comes down to preference and colour. For example, I still maintain that St Tropez offer the best and most real looking colour out there. However, there are also some great cheaper alternatives, which I have seen great results from.

There is a girl at work (RW) who like me, lives to be tanned. She in fact was my inspiration for this blog, as I started to realise that there are others out there who sink into a completely irrational state of depression when their skin takes a pale turn for the worst. She has an all year round permanent colour, because like myself, she sees it as a fundamental beauty basic. Being the sensible and savvy girl she is, she point blank refuses to use sun beds and in fact was the one to recommended St Tropez praising it for its colour. Being the fake tan guru she is she also offered some great tips for an even colour which I have included in the step-by-step guide.

Step-by-Step Application Guide

My mother knows a thing or two about re-upholstering old pieces of wooden junk and turning them into glorious pieces of furniture. I found myself one Sunday afternoon drawing comparisons between this and my fake tan ritual. In order to get the perfect fake tan, you need to metaphorically follow the same simple steps she does. Sand, stain and polish.


So most people know that the golden rule to a good tan is exfoliation. Follow the simple steps for exfoliating in Winter Skin so that your skin is nicely prepped for your ‘staining’ process, making sure that you have towel dried your body thoroughly. Unlike most advice, at this stage of the prepping, RW advised me NOT to moisturise as she argues that it makes the skin too greasy and less able to absorb the fake tan. I hesitantly put this to the test (I hate breaking tradition) and was actually pleasantly surprised to see an overall better and even colour.


The most vital tip out of all the fake tanning advice I have acquired is invest in a mitt. For as little as £2.99 you can find one of these beauties in all good shops (Superdrug, Boots etc) and you won’t believe the difference it makes. Firstly it hides the mother of all fake tan giveaways, ompah loompa orange hands. Secondly, it allows you to evenly spread the product over a large surface area. I begin by pumping a few squirts of fake tan onto the mitt and evenly spreading it up my arms, and back down again, making sure I’ve evenly rubbed over the elbows, back of arms and over wrists onto the hand. I follow the same careful process over the rest of the body, making sure I get right underneath the boobs as well (a less obvious place for patchiness!).

Once you have covered the entire body, enjoy a good 30 minutes of naked time, allowing it to dry, especially if the colour of the lotion is dark – it’s a great time to potter around your room tidying up the piles of clothes you’ve left draped around from the weekend. Never rush application, but if you don’t have half an hour of naked drying time to spare, whizz a hairdryer over your body! Now, get into bed, put on Made in Chelsea, go to sleep and wait for the morning’s results.


If you’ve carefully followed all of the above advice, fingers crossed, you should wake up with an even natural tan. Hop into the shower, wash of the excess colour, stickiness and that crisps smell that it tends to have and towel dry. As RW advises, NOW is the time for moisturising, which will not only disguise any last traces of that crisp smell (which I weirdly like) but keep the tan looking fresh and the skin feeling soft. If you’re in a rush for work and like me don’t mind the smell of crisps, you can wash off the colour that night. With certain fake tans, I also apply another layer the following evening, (not exfoliating this time as it will remove the previous night’s work) to get a real boost of goldeny gorgeousness!

 Fake Tanning the Face


I have always been SO hesitant about fake tanning the face. Until recently I didn’t see the point, as surely that is what a bronzer is for without the perils of a stained, orange, patchy face? I always felt the stakes were too high. If it went wrong and everyone would justifiably point and laugh at me. However with an ever-increasing commitment and loyalty to this blog, I have accepted I at times need to put myself out there and test various techniques and products for the people who take the time out to read it. Anyhow, really not wanting the whole pointing and laughing situation, I knew in this instance I needed to opt for a reputable brand that I trusted. Thus I turned to the mother of fake tanning, St Tropez, and requested their Bronzing Lotion for the Face.

Like with the body, I knew a good exfoliation was key and opted for an oil-free moisturiser, which I made sure, was fully absorbed before applying the fake tan. Frighteningly, this colour was a deep, dark brown however I meticulously followed the instructions and carefully mixed a pea size amount between my hands and blended it onto my face like a moisturiser. I made sure I paid special attention to my hairline, eyebrows and lips. Non-greasy but creamy the tan was easily absorbed easing my fears. I unfortunately didn’t have the little complimentary mitt, so I made sure I vigorously washed my hands directly after. I then went to bed praying I wasn’t going to wake up looking like a cast member of Jordie Shores.

When I did awake the next morning, I was overjoyed to see a radiant, bright face looking back at me in the mirror. The result was a soft, gentle, lightly bronzed colour and glow rather than the fake looking orange I feared. It was also perfectly even, highlighting the quality of the product and the effectiveness of a good pre-exfoliation. Either a great base colour for foundation or just a simple glow for those who dare to bare, this is the new staple piece for my spring make-up bag.

Fake Tans – Tried and Tested

There are many, many fake tans out there to chose from which as I said, essentially do the same job. It just depends what you’re after. I am naturally quite olive skinned so am comfortable with quite a deep, medium colour however I appreciate fairer friends need to go easy and perhaps opt for a lighter or gradual fake tan (I have tried some of those for you too!).

St Tropez Self Tan Classic Bronzing Lotion

selftan_bronzing_lotion new

Recommended by RW, I decided in order to get her enviable golden tan I needed to invest. At £20.43 for 120ml it is a little dearer than other fake tans, however seeing and hearing that it is the best I decided it was worth the money.

There isn’t much more to stay other than the fact that once you go St Tropez you won’t go back to anything else. A deep but subtle tone you get enough colour from one layer but can easily build it up for a darker tone with another layer. What has surprised me the most is just how long it has lasted. Hooked as I am on having a tan, I expected this to last no longer than two months yet I am on my third and it is still going strong. Combined with the actual quality of the product, St Tropez is excellent value for money. There are many, many alternatives to try from their website, if you are after something a bit softer, gradual or even darker! They also have a wide range of prepping products to choose from. As a complete convert, I can’t wait to try the other products. See for more information.

 Asda Self Tan Gradual Fake Tan

(£3.50 for 200ml)


I personally have never bothered with gradual fake tans as a) I am too impatient and b) I like the back-from-Barbados look rather than the English sun-kissed look. However baring in mind this blog isn’t just for me I have tried out George at Asda’s Gradual Fake Tan. Yes that’s right, Asda for my fake tan. Like me you’re probably thinking really? But you haven’t smelt it yet… IT DOESN’T SMELL LIKE FAKE TAN! It smells like a tropical beach transporting me to happy summer memories.

The colour is perfect for fairer skins, giving a hint of colour that can slowly be built up (I sometimes use it to tie my colour over between St Tropez sessions). For the ultimate test, I have popped some in the post for my fiery-red head friend who has that perfect, porcelain skin but is after a hint of tan before the summer approaches. I will let you know how she gets on.

Garnier Ambre Solaire Original No-Streaks Bronzer Self-Tan Velvety Gel Medium Skin

(£7.13 for 150ml)


Like Asda’s crafty cover up of the crisp smell, Garnier have also attempted to achieve something similar with this delightful apricot smelling gel. The great thing about the gel is that it glides on easily over the skin and you don’t have to worry about staining your bed sheets! The only thing I would say is that with a gel, you can’t see clearly where you’re applying it so take time to make sure you’re covering all areas. A little sticky, this is one that will definitely need a wash off in the morning. The colour is natural yet deep and there is also a lighter option for paler skins.

So, hopefully I have given enough tips, advice, products and prepping information for you to go forth and be a bronzed babe rather than a patchy orange messes. Do let me know how you get on and if along the way you find any miracle fake-tans. RW and I are always on the look out!

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