St Tropez Gradual Tan Mousse


So firstly let’s start with the best thing about St Tropez’s Gradual Tan Mousse – it smells heavenly, a rare and almost unbelievable trait for a fake tan. Unlike most other products out there on the market, this beauty won’t leave you smelling like chips or biscuits – the ultimate ‘this isn’t my natural colour’ giveaway. Even those who are lucky enough to get up and close and personal won’t be able to trace the scent of your faux bronzage, they will simply think you have been dowered in sweet and delightful aromas of perfume.

The second best thing about this product and in fact, all St Tropez products is its fading abilities – oh–so–softly and natural like that of a real tan at which point you can top it up with an extra layer. I always find the biggest problem with cheaper fake tans is whilst they might give a good, overall colour on day 1, by day 3 as they fade they leave patchy marks of shame (less than ideal). I can say with complete honesty I have not once had a patchy St Tropez situation which is my justification for why it’s always better to spend that little extra on your fake tan.

When it comes down to colour, the Gradual Tan Mousse leaves a gorgeous, light, golden hint of tan, perfect for fairer skins. I myself am slightly more olivey so therefore always opt for two layers (broken up by one sleep) to give me a deeper all over glow. If you are a fairer friend then this is an essential buy and an absolute must for you Christmas wish list. Happy bronzing!


I’ve Got Even More Magic In Me

It’s been over a full month since my last post (I’m sorry I am a terrible blogger) so if you can cast your mind back perhaps you can remember I found myself referring to Mario Badescu as ‘God in cognito’. Since this almost blasphemous post, I have been in touch with Mario’s in-house PR who very kindly pulled together a bespoke skin care regime for me.

I am going to cut to the chase, Mario’s stuff is life-changing. Results aren’t rapid they’re instant. Never before have I seen such a sudden change in my complexion. Following Mario Badescu’s skin care regime is like having the sun pass over a black cloud to reveal a brighter, more brilliant and clearer landscape (face). See below  individual reviews of tried and tested products so you can work out which is the best investment for you or whether you want to go all out and purchase the full range.

Silver Powder
This product is definitely where I saw the biggest results. Promising to remove blackheads and clear blocked pores, a mix of Calcium Carbonate, Kaolin and Zinc Oxide work to physically draw out impurities leaving you blackhead free with a clearer complexion. After following the rather novel instructions – you dip a damp cotton pad into the chalky white powder and smear all over the desired areas (I go for the classic troublesome t-zone), the powder turns into a paste which then sets like plaster of paris . After ten minutes, you remove with a damp cloth to reveal a shiny, new, clear nose… I call it deforestation for blackheads!

Cucumber Tonic Mask
What I like most about this mask is it is a proper old-school 90s facemask. It takes me back to an era where you had your girlfriends over for sleepover, often in a fit of giggles whilst you watched a 18 rated horror film in secret and applied facemasks to your untouched, perfect 14 year-old skin. This mask smells as fresh as ‘cucumber’ (sorry terrible pun) and dries in that really satisfying hard-clay way so you want to stretch your face out and create wrinkle lines! I unfortunately have a 6.30am start every morning so quickly added the mask into my candlelit bath, exfoliate routine for 5 minutes rather than letting it set for the full 20 minutes. Even in just a quarter of the recommended time, my complexion was 10 x clearer than before. Blackheads gone with that lovely post bath sheen. Combined with the silver powder I barely recognised the reflection staring back at me!

Enzyme Cleansing Gel and Special Cucumber Lotion (toner)
Image Image
Or what I like to call the dream combo working to banish blemishes and leave your skin squeaky clean and perfectly pure. The cleanser I have to admit has taken a while to get used to. I’m a vowed face wash fan as I love to feel truly sparkly clean with several splashes of water when I cleanse. However I work round this by massaging the green-gel like formula in circular motions onto damp skin and then running one of the Liz Earle linen clothes under warm water I removed the cleanser. Combined the pair give a lovely exfoliated and thoroughly cleansed feel. Following the cleanser, I apply several splashes of the Special Cucumber Lotion to a cotton pad and wipe over my complexion. The toner has that lovely mix of zingy freshness mixed with astringent which works to close pores, disinfect, and tackle blemishes.

The Buffer Lotion
I am going to be honest with you – it stings like a b*tch but as was once famously said, beauty is pain. And this is a defiant step towards beauty. At the moment, with my hormones buzzing I am having patches of break-outs around my chin. It’s like when one spot surfaces she invites a friend to come and join the party! Worse, amongst the patches of blemishes there is always a Regina George Queen Bee type blemish who likes to rear her ugly (white) head. I add a few drops to a cotton pad and apply to the infected area. I apply after cleansing and toning, and most effectively before I apply the Cucumber Tonic Mask. When the Queen Bee surfaces I reach for my original favourite, The Drying Lotion which puts her back in her rightful place. Think of the Cucumber Tonic Mask, the Buffering Lotion and the Drying lotion as ‘one team one dream’ – the NYPD for spots if you will.

Oil free Moisturiser Factor 30

Does exactly what it says on the tin. Nothing fussy, nothing fancy just a oil-free moisturiser with SPF 30 to hydrate and protect. It leaves a soft but matt finish creating a perfect base for foundation. Alternatively it comes in a simple, SPF-free version. Be careful to not rub it to near your eyes – it stings!

NB: Contains St John’s Wart

Hyaluronic Eye Cream

I’ve always struggled with eye creams, I know I need one but I can never be bothered. Therefore with the new regime I have vowed to try and be better! Mario’s eye cream is simple, rich and moisturising providing that extra barrier of hydration to the delicate area of skin around the eyes. This cream is great and does the job for now however there are no claims to banish fine lines with this one so give me a few more years and I will need an upgrade!

I’ve Got the Magic in Me


I’ve seen my share of Dynamo stunts and whilst I’ve managed to suspend disbelief there was always some kind of plausible explanation as to how the man can hang of the edge of a bus, elevate, walk on water. I don’t believe in magic… or rather I didn’t until I purchased what I now call the magical potion that must have been created by the divine powers above. The label says Mario Badecsu but there is a part of me that genuinely believes Mario is God in cognito masquerading as an Romanian-born American skin care specialist.

Recommended by ex-communications manager for Estée Lauder, Alice Raymond, she promised me that if I purchased Mario Badescu’s Drying Lotion all my problems would be solved. She even referred to magic herself, saying that when she applied the lotion onto her blemishes they miraculously vanished overnight. Trusting her expertise, but secretly thinking ‘really? I’ve heard it all before’  I purchased a bottle from  Beauty Bay which was delivered the following day.

Desperate to end my war on blemishes, which can back fighting fierce after my holiday I ran home to do my DIY Facial and then carefully followed the application steps. The lotion itself actually looks like it was created in some magically, fairytale, Harry Potter-type pharmacy with simple packaging, 3 inches of pink sediment (which turns out to be Calamine Lotion) which settles at the bottom and topped up with a clear, antiseptic-like liquid. The bottle specifically directs you NOT to shake the lotion, but stick a cotton bud right down into the pink sediment. I then dabbed it over each individual blemish making sure not to double-dip. Resembling a child with chicken pox I tucked myself up with a cup of tea and episode of friends and then drifted off to sleep.

I awoke the next day like an excited kid waiting to hear if snow day had cancelled school. I washed all the pink little dots of my face with my Avène Cleanance Wash to miraculously see that my blemishes had completely disappeared… I couldn’t believe it. Completely gone… as if by magic. I’ve used my fair share of spot treatments in the past and none had ever worked like this. Sure, the redness goes down, they aren’t quite as angry as the night before but this beauty literally makes them vanish. Granted, the massive ones don’t entirely vanish but 80% of the infection had definitely gone and by the following night it had healed completely.

The following night I thought, do pigs fly? Maybe I’m dreaming… so I called in my trusted guinea pigs, my mum and sister who also put it to the test. The same result… blemishes vanished overnight. My sister called her best friend in excitement who instantly drove over to put it to the test. The next day the same result… in fact she actually came back the following night (never mind that it was 8pm, on a Sunday night and she lives 20 minute away) with her sister in tow. Out of towners… actually travelling to use Mario’s magic lotion.

So, ladies, I command everyone, even those who get one spot a year, to make sure they have this miracle product locked up in their draw. That said, I am now slightly worried that I have now shared my secret weapon with you all… Don’t go bitch ass crazy on me and cause Beauty Bay to run out of stock, I need my magic!

Out of towners putting magic to the test…


The Suitcase Experiment

After what seemed like a glorious and fully deserved holiday I have been back in the motherland for two weeks and I am still suffering from a severe case of holiday blues. As a few of you know, every year the Annable family and close family friend Mandy embark on a two week Club Med holiday which always turns into what I continue to call for the rest of the year ‘the best two weeks of my life’ as it is usually fun filled, alcohol fueled, full of laughs and jokes and serious sunbathing. Better still, the majority of the clientele are French so I spend 14 days vous-vousing and s’il-tu-plaiting which makes me feel like my whole degree was worth while.

This year was the first year away where I could technically call myself a beauty blogger so I used it as an opportunity to find what truly are my holiday essential beauty products. This didn’t mean that I cut down on what lotions, potions, creams and bottles I pack, quite the opposite. The idea behind the experiment was pack as much as products that baggage allowance would permit and keep a log of what I used ‘frequently, often, sometimes and never’. I was so dedicated to the experiment that I actually had minimal clothing and became what Lizzie McGuire refers to as ‘an outfit repeater’.

So I am aware that I probably use a lot more products than most. Not everyone has the time every day to remove their make-up, polish their skin, tone their pores and moisturise their body, oil their legs, wash their hair in the shower, then dampen in the sea for the beach effect, whilst trying to actually commit to some form of sporting activities as well as the  seven hour sun bathing stint. Thus the products that I used ‘frequently’ may not be a complete necessity for every gal, however for those who are interested please see below.


I kept to my normal skin care routine using Liz Earle and all the Avène Cleanance range products however for the day I replaced my normal Hydrance Optimale moisturiser with the SPF version which came in factor 20. Needless to say, it did not disappoint. Unlike most sunscreens for face, it was light weight, non greasy and gave maximum protection. I applied morning and mid-afternoon and didn’t burn once. All in all, a total win.

Hawaiian Tropic


The first products I used every day are obvious… sun cream. An absolute must for protecting the skin from those UVA rays. I used 30 down to 15 throughout the holiday to make sure I was getting maximum protection whilst getting the tan I spend the rest of the year trying to maintain. This year I used Hawaiian Tropic’s Silk Hydration which has THE most DELIGHTFUL smell I have ever come across in a suncream. Rich coconutty and tropical aromas filled the air as I creamed up next to the pool, so much so that the sunbather next to me commented on the heavenly scent. Furthermore, the lotion has ’12 hours of hydrating ribbons’ which not only create delicious candy-like packaging but seriously moisturise the skin leaving it soft and supple. Unlike a lot of sun creams, the lotion is easily absorbed, feels silky and lightweight rather than thick and greasy.
In addition to the suncreams I tried out Hawaiian Tropic’s  Silk Hydration After Sun. I’m always skeptical about after sun because whilst they promise to be ‘soothing’ I find they don’t offer as much hydration as a usual moisturiser. That is until I came across Hawaiian Tropic with those oh so clever ’12 hour hydrating ribbons’. As well as soothing my post-tanned (I did not burn once HURRAH) it provided excellent hydration and smelt just as divine as its sun cream counter-part.

Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse

A dark horse that trumped as a total surprise for ‘frequent use’. I’ve used this product from time to time at home when I fancied a little bit of luxurious TLC but I wouldn’t have ever said frequently. I thought the last thing I would have wanted in a hot, sweaty climate would be oil but it turns out my parched skin lapped up this nutritious mix of vitamin E and sweet almond oil. It gave a lovely dewy glow in the evenings, particularly on the legs.

Tangle Teezer

Before I went away I invested in what I would now call the best tenner I ever spent. Advised by Damien, the highlighting prince at The House of Rush, I bought a Tangle Teezer to get through my ALMOST nipple-length  locks. The disadvantage with trying to get my hair to this desired length is its incredible ability to knot up and tangle… queue the Tangle Teezer. This little beauty has moved permanently into my handbag and worked wonders at brushing the tangles out of my post wind-swept beach hair. Like magic, the tiny little bristles work through even the knottiest and matt hair (often the outcome of backcombing, Batiste and big nights out). Apply conditioner and brush through to achieve the silkiest, tangle-free, princess style locks.

To be honest the products I used frequently were the only products I used. Turns out I am low maintenance when on holiday… the sun clears up my complexion, I am make-upless in the day, my hair has genuine beach waves and lets face it everything looks better with a tan. The product I used often was Sudocreme which is a regular favourite of mine. I used this product less than I usually do at home, purely because for the first 10 days my facial skin was in tip top condition. However when a few blemishes struck and struggled to heal in the moist and exotic climate, like the good post drunk  girl I am I applied large patches to each blemish.

The products I never used were hair products, I simply didn’t need them. Being as vain as I am, I used to make sure I washed my hair post-pool at midday and then thoroughly rinse it in the sea and let it dry naturally. It was SO nice being such low maintenance and the overall effect was even better than all the lotions and potions I use back home. Flushed cheeks, a facial tan and real beach girl waves cut my evening getting ready time in half. I simply added a touch of bronzer to even me out, strokes of greys, bronzes and brown eye khols to accentuate my eyes, and finished with a slick of Chanel’s Le Voume De Mascara which truly is the business and a new personal favourite.

Unfortunately I don’t have a permanent year-round tan or a beach at my disposable to continue such an easy and low product ritual. In fact since I’ve been back I’ve been using and trying whatever I can get my hands to recreate that low-key, natural beauty look…next blog post to come 🙂

The Quest for Perfect Skin Continued…

‘It’s like rain on your wedding day… a free ride but you’ve already paid’ One song which perfectly summarised exactly how irony feels. Well maybe Alanis Morisette should have written a beauty blog… it would have certainly provided her with extra lyrical material. Ever since I wrote the blog The Quest for Perfect Skin it has been like an ominous dark, overconfident cloud hanging over me ready to thunder and pour at any moment. I knew as soon as I hit ‘publish post’ my radiant and what-was-then clear complexion would shove two fingers up at me and scream in my face ‘Not for long sucker’. Yet I wanted to share my advice and the results I had seen with my loyal and now growing (thank you ThisIsOurVillage.Com) readers. Whilst my skin on the whole has generally improved, I haven’t seen it look as glorious as it did when I wrote that what now feels like a doomed post.
I have attributed this to several factors. The first is the Pill. The Pill that was initially taken to clear up my skin somehow turned into a three year stint. After a long-consideration I decided now would be a good time to come off it. I suddenly felt all hippy and new age and worried about the amount of extra hormones I was putting in my body. Since I have come off however, whilst there hasn’t been a massive outbreak my body definitely seems to be trying to adapt and normalise itself which has come in the form of a few outbreaks.
The other factor I attribute to my skin is this RIDICULOUS but DELIGHTFUL change in weather. I love the sun as much as the next worshiping sun-goddess. A recent 5 day trip to Mallorca saw me setting my alarm for 8am and tanning straight through until sun-down. However the downside of not living on the beach in some glorious, poolside villa is that this hot weather in London mixed with pollution, the commute and topped off with a 6.20am rise is not doing wonders for my skin. The air-con at work is drying it out whilst all the other factors are making it perspire and oil up. I was in need of some serious game-changing skin care so got in touch with the good people at Avène and Liz Earle.
 Avene Micellar Lotion Cleanser and Make-up Remover 200ml  
So as a lot of you know I am completely sold on the French beauty brand Avène. Their Cleanance range turned my skin from from a dull and blemish prone nightmare to a glowing, clear fresh face. I loved the mattifying and smoothing effect the emulsion had however with air-con and sun exposure drying my face out I needed something a little more hydrating whilst baring in mind that the summer is my most ‘oily’ period. Katie at Pegasus PR recommended their Hydrance Optimale moisturiser in ‘légère’ which is super light and sheer but hydrating. As expected, I wasn’t disappointed. Combined with the Clenance toner (dedicated fan) this beauty provided the prefect balance of moisture vs oil and kept any threats of nose peel at bay. All in all, an essential summer buy!
In addition to this Katie recommended Avène’s Micellar lotion which removes make-up as well as cleanses and tones all in one. As part of my double cleanse routine I replaced my Bioderma with this product to see how they matched up. Far better than unhygienic make-up wipes  and far more accessible than France’s scared Bioderma the Avène Micellar lotion proved to be hydrating, refreshing and effective in removing all traces of make-up whilst leaving me blemish-free. Another triumph from Avène.
Liz Earle Hot Polish Cleanser
So whilst I am still seeing glowing results from Avène’s soapless gel cleanser, with this change in weather I need something a little more soothing and a touch less drying than a wash. However having that said, I can’t go to bed without washing my face in some shape or form. I have always read great things about Liz Earle’s Hot Polish Cleanser and hearing it is excellent for all skin types I requested a sample. The product itself is a cream cleanser that has spot-fighting and soothing essential oils such as eucalyptus, rosemary and chamomile which make a delightful pre-bed relaxant. Applying this all over and using the hot cloths provided I soak one under the hot tap and then checking the cloth isn’t scolding I place it over my face to open up the pores and let the cleanser sink in. Then, carefully rubbing around in circular motions the cloth and balm effectively work to gently exfoliate the face whilst leaving it super cleansed and soft. Nourishing my dry and slightly burnt patches whilst tackling the blemishes makes Liz Earle’s Hot Polish Cleanser a perfect bed-time cleanse.
NB: be sure to machine-wash each hot polish cloth after a couple of uses do they don’t collect a build-up of bacteria.
Oil Up
During a recent PR campaign I got to pick the brains of make-up artist to the stars Justine Jenkins and explained my current complexion issues. She took a good long hard look at my face and said that the localised blemishes on my chin are due to hormones which she claimed is no doubt due to my body trying to regulate itself now I have come off the pill. She explained that whilst the hormones will eventually settle, in the mean time I should use an oil, yes an oil, to balance out my skin. Justine firmly believes that oilier skins are just as much in need of a facial oil as dry skins are.
The way she explained the process is that if you feed the sebum glands (responsible for producing oil) a facial oil they start to produce less oil as they are already satisfied and balanced out, crafty eh? With this in mind I have been applying NUXE Huile Prodigieuse for body, hair and face every few nights or so which is a ‘unique concentration of 6 Precious Oils (Borage, St. John’s Wort, Sweet Almond, Camellia, Hazelnut and Macadamia) and Vitamin E.’
 As well as my face I apply it to my body which gives my sun-parched skin the nourishing hydration it needs. To top it off, the oil also has that rich, comforting smell that you tend to get from luxurious, high-end products!
So you see, whilst I am still slapping myself for my overconfident boast of clear skin, the change in climate has provided me with new blog material as well as offering me the opportunity to try a few products I may not have given a chance before. The problem with combination skin is getting the balance right. As I quote almost in mantra-like form, getting your skin care regime right is all down to trial-and-error. In the mean time, enjoy the weather even if your skin doesn’t!

Bumble and Bumble’s Beach Babe


My dream beauty look has always been ‘beach babe’ and I mean BABE in every sense of the word. Soft, wavy, blonde hair, super toned body with beautiful sun-kissed, make-upless skin frolicking around with a handsome, European god as the waves crash against the shore. You know the girl I am talking about, ‘that girl’ – the one you enviably watch from behind your copy of Fifty Shades as you artfully position yourself on your towel so you are facing the sun for optimum tan yet at your most flattering angle.


This year I promised myself that whilst I will never be ‘that’ girl I would do everything in my power (and that I could afford) to mimic her look. I thought it was easiest to start with the hair so when I got my hands on Bumble and Bumble’s Surf Foam Wash shampoo (£18.50) I knew I was heading in the right direction. The bottle alone filled me with beach babe hope, delightfully turquoise with promises of ‘buoyant body and soft, sea breezy texture’. With this in mind, I made sure I packed a hand-luggage size sample so I could try it out during a five day break in Mallorca.


I had already had my hair coloured to the perfect shade of blonde at the House of Rush in Piccadilly Circus by Damien (I strongly advised all blonde-aholics to pay him a visit) so happily marched myself off into the shower with my Bumble and Bumble to begin stage one of operation ‘Beach Babe’  – just without the beach. As I lathered up the shampoo, joyful beach-like smells filled the shower with a heady aroma and I even had a splash and frolic under the showerhead. I washed my hair twice for a thorough cleanse and then applied a dab of NSpa’s Full Body conditioner (£3) that contains extracts of shea butter and collagen which lightly nourishes my fine hair to perfection.


Once towel-dried and combed through I apply a few squirts of Bumble and Bumble’s Thickening Spray (£21.50) to my lifeless, fine hair to get full body and bounce. Doing the blow-dry-head-upside down technique I brushed my hair through to tip myself back up and see big, bouncy hair! Wow, buoyant it certainly was – Bumble and Bumble don’t break promises. Furthermore it was thick yet no sticky product residue, which tends to be the way with cheaper products. It is certainly worth investing in the Thickening Spray if like myself you are plagued on a daily basis with flat roots.

Now for those waves. The most natural and best way to achieve the ‘beach wave’ is actually…um… go to the beach. I am so obsessed with beach hair that I have gone as far as to washing my hair in the sea (South Pacific style) so all that salty goodness and texture is fully absorbed into my blonde locks – believe me, you may get some odd looks from the shore but the final effect is worth it.

If you don’t have oceans of salty water on your current doorstep then the best way to achieve the ‘beach-wave’ I find is a good, old French plait. If you don’t know how you should be ashamed that you didn’t pick it up in the school playground. In case you need a little reminder here is a step-by-step guide.

1.Start at the crown of the head, take and brush a small section.

2.Begin at the root exactly how you would start a normal plait, however after your first weave, pick up another strand of hair from the left-hand side of your head and weave it in.

3.For the next weave, pick up from the right hand side and continue by alternating sides until you reach the nape of the neck.

4.You then can finish off the plait as a normal leaving a nice chunk of hair at the end and securing with an elastic.

Remember to keep the plait quite tight for nice, strong waves and then set your alarm and sleep with the plait in. When you awake and release the plait you will have mermaid style waves that will cascade down your back with boho elegance. Secure the waves with a couple of mistings of Elnette.

French plaits, salt water and Bumble and Bumble are certainly a sure start to being ‘that girl’. Whilst the super-toned body is a ‘work-in-progress’ I worked bloody hard on my tan during my luxurious boat and beach break in order to take me one step closer to beach-babe heaven.

The Definition of Beauty

When I got to thinking about what I could write for my next blog post I thought about the definition of beauty and what it actually is that makes somebody beautiful. The main focus of this ‘beauty’ blog has always been about using products and cosmetics to enhance or create beauty.  Other than my two week stint of drinking 2 liters of water a day, all the posts have been product-led. There is hardly anything on well-being and general happiness and health.

I struggled with this for a good twenty minutes because talking about health and happiness isn’t really what this blog is about. My blog is superficial. I don’t mean that in a negative way, but essentially make-up and cosmetics are about superficial beauty. I have never tried to be dishonest about that, there is a part of me that IS superficial. I like changing and improving my surface appearance but the person I am stays the same. However I then thought health is the first and very fundamental basic of being ‘beautiful’.

When I looked up the definition of beauty it said this:
•    A combination of qualities, such as shape, color, or form, that pleases the aesthetic senses, esp. the sight.
•    A combination of qualities that pleases the intellect or moral sense.
I would say 75% of this definition is relating to appearance rather than anything slightly more profound. Yet there were words and phrases that couldn’t be translated as just physical. For example ‘moral sense’ and ‘qualities’ which got me to thinking.

I have a friend who is always harking on about ‘beauty’ on the inside. Whilst I know that people ARE beautiful on the inside I always thought it was a hippy thing to say or something parents tell their children to fill them with the necessary initial stages of confidence. However although I hate to EVER let her be right, I always had a secret inclination that she may be on to something. There is nothing more attractive than somebody genuinely laughing or smiling. Positivity and and general self-acceptance rather than over-bearing confidence can be beautiful. This often derives from a general sense of happiness. It may be that you are head-over-heels in love or you have a great, blossoming career. Maybe you have the support of an amazing set of friends and a loving family who stick by you… Maybe you have it all! Unlike cosmetics, these intangible types of happiness can’t be purchased or physically applied.

Whilst I may pay for my gym membership…the dedication and hard work it takes to get into shape and eat healthily is also something that can’t be bought.  Whilst the ‘junk food’ days come and go, I think I can finally say that I am currently at my happiest because for once I have gained some form of control over my diet. I am trying not to gorge on addictive sugars and sluggish carbohydrates but eating properly and regularly and spending a solid but not excessive amount of time in the gym. The hard work has paid off (it has taken 6 months) and I can actually see new sets of definition and muscles. I know this has contributed to my overall appearance, not because my clothes fit better but because it makes me happy and confident which no doubt shows on my face. There’s no amount of make-up that could fake that.

A friend of mine joked yesterday about the state many girls find themselves in post break-up or mid-depression, a welcomed loss of weight but with the gaunt, worried face that says ‘whilst I may look great on the outside, I’m screaming and crying on the inside’. And she’s right, you do look good… We’ve all been there. During moments of depression or upset, the appetite just goes and suddenly the weight drops off and your thin without even trying. Then the compliments come and for a moment you feel good about yourself.  Accept if you move your eyes upwards the face is full of angst and upset. When you compare this with the happiness of somebody who has a toned, svelte body that derives from working out it doesn’t seem so desirable.

So I guess what I am asking is if it isn’t the billion-dollar cosmetic industry that makes us ‘appear’ to beautiful then what is it?

It’s about loving the life you’re living and keeping good health. If you don’t love the life you live you need to figure out what it is that is stopping you from being the positive person that is laughing for no reason other than they’re happy. If you’re unhappy you probably aren’t in good health either so I guess the two go hand-in-hand. Once you’ve tackled truly tackled the inner (CRINGE) beauty it is only then you can purchase products that work to enhance that natural, positive, smiling face.